Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Update: Targetting media misrepresentations of Haiti and seige of Cite Soleil

The bloddy seige of Haiti's slums has begun. BBC reports that the terror tactics of the former death squads including killing those in the streets and burning houses, though BBC is calling these "gang raids."

Haiti News Watch has just published two articles discussing systematic misrepresentations of the situation in Haiti by the BBC and the Associated Press.

HNW says that "The BBC, for unknown reasons, ignored important key observations of the report and provided readers with a condensed "interpretation" that blamed Haiti's violence solely on politically motivated "warring gangs." The BBC utterly ignores the report's assessment of the role of politically non-aligned groups such as drug traffickers and the violence of the Haitian police. "

The question is... ¿How do we publish these facts in a way that makes the BBC defensive and self critical about being truthful in its coverage? ¿Is that possible?

I have been emailing BBC with similar complaints about their coverage. I just sent the following letter to newsonline@bbc.co.uk
Esteemed editor,
I came across the following story on BBC's coverage of the recent report on Haiti. I think the Haiti News Watch is right on, but i thought i would ask for BBC's response before i made up my mind.

this is in response to the BBC article here
from June 1

thank you in advance for your accountability
Simon Fitzgerald

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