Friday, November 25, 2005

New Orleans Update

New Orleans Updates
It´s important to remember that New Orleans residents remain displaced, and that we all owe continued solidarity to the New Orleans Diaspora.

Jordan Flaherty and Bill Quigley offer updates on the New Orleans situation in light of the Thanksgiving holiday this week.

Also, I remind my readers that Left Turn still has up a list of recommended organizations for people to volunteer with and donate to. I am right now writing my $100 donation check to some organizations that I promised money two months ago (my work takes a month longer to pay me than I expected, so I am late in paying out non-essential bills right now).

Jordan also offers up the following list of Blogs from New Orleans:
Catherine Jones’ Blog
Abram Himmelstein’s Blog
Walidah Imarisha’s blog from New Orleans and elsewhere

1 comment :

Catherine said...

Thanks so much for your support and solidarity, not only for what's happening in my beautiful city (New Orleans) but for all the same struggles throughout the world... glad the medical world will have someone like you in it... best
catherine jones