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Update and Letter from Pere Jean Juste: 1.27.06

Update on and Letter from Pere Jean-Juste
by Bill Quigley. Bill is a law professor at
Loyola University School of Law in New Orleans and
assists Mario Joseph of BAI in Haiti as one of Fr.
Jean-Juste's lawyers. Bill's phone number in Haiti is
509. 401.4822. The phone number for Dr. Jennifer
Furin is 509.425.2953 in Haiti and 857.998.1768 in the

Pere Jean-Juste wrote the following letter from
the Pacot Prison in Port au Prince. The Prison is
guarded by Jordanian troops in grey camoflauge. They
have heavy weapons including a big machine gun mounted
on a white UN jeep loaded with belts of big brassy
Fr. Jean-Juste is moist and feverish, occasionally
coughing and sniffling. As he writes mosquitoes
circle his exposed feet arms and neck. There was no
water in the prison last night or this morning.
Despite this, he remains in good spirits as a constant
stream of people visit him. One little girl with
white ribboned hair, bends over him as he writes and
silently and gently kisses his bald head.
Dr. Jennifer Furin of Harvard Medical School
examined him yesterday and pronounced him very ill and
his health deteriorating from leukemia and pneumonia.
After her examination Dr. Furmin went to the US
Embassy to press for Fr. Gerry's release.
The US Embassy says there is little they can do -
this is a matter for the Haitian government. "The US
has no say in the internal affiars of Haiti or any
other sovereign country," the say.
Dr. Furin is very, very worried. She concludes
Fr. Jean-Juste needs immediate hospitalization and
treatment. "We do not have the luxury of time

Letter from Fr. Jean-Juste
Pacot Prison Port au Prince, Haiti

Friends, Brothers and Sisters, Compatriots>
Once more I would like to bring you up to date on
my case. My physicians, to whom I remain most
grateful, have done wonders. They checked on me just
time. I was unable to breathe freely due to some
pneumonia the last 4 days. Two good strong
medications from Dr. Paul Farmer and Dr. Jennifer
Furin bring me in better shape today. Health wise,
apart from the leukemia and pneumonia, I am holding
on. A friend visited me today an said his sister
suffered leukemia and with quick treatment she was
able to
live for 3 years. Early medical treatment, not
available in Haiti, may allow me to survive for a
Secondly, on the legal level, we are moving
forward. The investigating judge has dropped two
major charges and now charges me with two leser ones.
I am innocent of all the charges. As elections will
probably take place o February 7, 2006, I am sure
these frivolous charges will be dropped soon. In the
meantime, I will not accept any kind of guilty plea or
kangaroo trial by the de facto government in order to
get released. Forget it. I want fair treatment. I
will fight for my innocence and my principles. If I
die for it, I want everyone to keep fighting.
Thirdly, understand that I wish you all to extend
your support not only to me but to as many political
prisoners as possible wherever on planet earth.
Probably, you are aware that there are quite a number
of political prisoners around the world. Think of
them an keep them in your heart. Amnesty
International has done a wonderful job. I am real
proud of Amnesty from my first years in contact with
them, in the late seventies until now. AI members
have comforted me with more than 4000 letters and
cards. Please know that I am very grateful to AI and
to all of you for helping fight for the human rights
of all political prisoners, here in Haiti and across
the world.
Let's keep the momentum on for justice, peace,
love, and sharing to prevail all over the world as God
wants it.
Sincerely yours,
Gerard Jean/Juste

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