Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rebel Imports and the National Conference on Organized Resistance

I am back to publishing, after almost a week without a word from me. I spent the weekend at the national Conference on Organized Resistance at American University in Washington, DC. This is the premier annual meeting for progressive grassroots organizers in the area.

Along with Kristin B. of Delaware and Jason C. in Philadelphia I have been helping set up an anti-capitalist importing group Rebel Imports. We sell fair trade merchandise, with the hope of opening up new markets for community producers.

Our products includeHoly Land Olive Oil from Palestine, Zapatista slingshots, and a wide variety of artisanry from Zapatista Women's Cooperatives (Kristin highly recommends the necklaces).

We earned about $800 from selling this wares and serving fair trade coffee from Chiapas which will go toward paying off debt and making the next big purchase from Mujeres por la Dignidad and other cooperatives in Oventic, Chiapas.

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