Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cuba From the Other Campaign

With today´s news that the US government is creating "A new task force ... to police the sanctions [against Cuba] and [charge} those breaking them [with] large fines, the economic war against Cuba is escalating again.

Coincindentally, from the tour of the Other campaign in Northwest Mexico, I just published a piece looking at Cuba from The Other Campaign,
"In Tepic, Nayarit, the Other Campaign Marks 39 Years Since the Death of “Che” Guevara"

Unsettling contradictions certainly exist within Cuban society, as they must exist in the Zapatista communities and within any collective, organization, or community. It is important to recognize rather than idealize these contradictions. Indeed, it is the duty of every community, be they Cuban or Zapatista, to confront and overcome their own contractions. For outsiders to criticize the imperfections of a people who fight for their very survival is to provide ammunition to the enemy in a war against oblivion.

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Daniel Hall said...

Ahhh... Worker's Paradise. If only we could all be there now. I'm trying to come up with an educated question to ask about Cuba and it possibly becoming more democratic (not in an American Capitalist sort of democracy way). My understanding of it is that Cuba is a one party state and I guess I'm just curious how one coul examine how resonsive the party is to the will of the people.
Also when are you coming home? Did you ever get my email?