Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Battle in Oaxaca? Not Yet.

Nancy Davies, writing for Narconews from Oaxaca, has two important pieces of news confirmed by La Jornada.

First of all, a protest "megamarch" is underway from Ciudad Universitaria to the Oaxaca City Center. Busloads of people have been coming down from Mexico City, San Salvador Atenco and other parts of Mexico to participate with the Oaxacans. Davies also writes that "During the night helicopters brought military troops into the city," apparently citing Radio Universidad as a source.

While Radio Universidad is asking people to act nonviolently, Davies predicts that "the Sixth Megamarch will be another face-off between the peoples and the government forces."

In another act of paramilitary aggression, "this morning a student from the Technological Institute in front of Radio Universidad was shot in the chest. His name is Marcos Manuel Sanchez Martinez. He is still alive and receiving medical care." Radio Universidad reports this is part of a pattern of early morning attacks.

La Jornada On Line updates us on the "Megamarch" at 12:46 Oaxaca time, saying that the 1.5 kilometer march is advancing calmly toward the 5-mile march´s first stop at the Santo Domingo Church (the group originally planned to stop first at the Gov. Ulises Ruiz´ house.

\La Jornada estimates the march´s length at two kilometers. Meanwhile federal police installed razor wire fences around the Oaxaca City center (Zocalo). Perhaps in response, the march did not attempt to enter the Zocalo to avoid confrontations.

Stay tuned to Radio Universidad (Spanish), La Jornada (Spanish), La Luchita (English) or Narconews (English and Spanish) for this story as it develops.


Charles said...

The student was reported by El Universal to have been injured by two shots, fired from opposing sides.

Saimon Fitzyerald said...

I would word that differently he was shot from "dos flancos." I read that as being from two sides. This may essentially be the same as what you are saying, but from what you wrote, I thought that the implication was that he was shot in a cross fire.

It seems to me from the Universal article that he was ambushed by paramilitaries, and that he was shot by multiple shooters.

Charles said...

It sounds to me as if he was caught in interlocking fire.

"Crossfire" is sometimes used to mean shots from opposing forces. Interlocking fire is a standard tactic, one that trained military might use.

There was no evidence that there was a shootout between opposing forces. The student seems to have been singled out at random for execution.

Renegade Eye said...

I found this blog at Common Sense.

I believe if it was a crossfire, we would hear about it in the US on the news, so both sides could be blamed.