Saturday, January 20, 2007

Son of Nun Concert and Protest Against the War

Local Socialist MC and winner of the CityPaper's "Best Verbal Beat Down" award Son of Nun is playing tonight at St. John's Church in Charles Village.

R.A.M. Benefit for Red Emma's [Bmore]

R.A.M. is the Revolutionary Artist Movement and it consists of
*Eric Jah Hannibal
*Jassaga David Sawyer
*Ron Kipling Williams

what does a former black panther w/ a guitar alongside a poet/drummer, spoken word artist, and an emcee sound like? come through St. John's Church to find out as we pay tribute to Dr. King and raise funds for Red Emma's radical bookstore/coffee shop!
St. John's Church @ 27th & St. Paul
8pm - $10 donation
*sorry for the late notice!

Also remember the upcoming Antiwar Demonstration is going to be big. (For whatever that is worth).

01.27.07 - Sat. - UFPJ's National Antiwar Demonstration [D.C.]

don't sleep on the democrats, they'll cut you quicker than clinton can say welfare reform, and don't buy the b.s. of gradual withdrawal - vietnam was more intense than this war and the u.s. didn't gradually withdraw from that conflict - unless you call a helicopter flying off the roof of the embassy gradual.
Stop U.S. Imperialism!
Bring The Troops Home Now!
Reparations for Iraq (and others of course) Now!
*if you're in bmore and need a ride there are buses going down - contact me for more info.

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