Sunday, September 12, 2010

More on Changping

I thought i would include some pictures of where I've been spending some time.
The first shows the gleaming glass facade of the proud new CDC building, complete with fountain and flags of China and the CDC logo.
From large hill on campus, the CDC in its context.  Beyond the cafeteria in the near background, there isn't much else before the mountains in the distance.
Shuttle buses line up to take people home at 4:00.  Don't miss the bus, or you might have to find your own way home.  I like the texture of this picture, but I noticed that I caught this sign as far down as the Boiler Room.

If you can read what comes below Boiler Room, you may understand why i was later disappointed I missed "动物中心" in the photo above.   Its one of those details that rewards a viewer who takes time to really see the whole picture.

The experience of the Chinese bathroom is also a little different, and worth noting (without getting dramatic about the Asian-style squat toilet).  I've had the strange experience of walking into the bathroom of the national center for disease control and prevention and hearing diarrhea and smelling cigarette smoke.  It's strange to imagine an individual in that situation, but i suppose it may mask the bathroom smell.

Here is an example of a shiny clean squat toilet complete with cigarette butt.

Perhaps even more strange to me was the use of the western toilet stall for storage for the week or so that some building maintenance and repairs were going on.
These are just the minor details that color one's sense of being foreign.  More soon on the deeper meaning of work and life in China.

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