Sunday, February 19, 2012

Who got Josh Rubin?

Twice last year, a gruesome high profile murder shook the diverse friendly Brooklyn community i call home.  In July, 35 year old Levi Aron kidnapped and then murdered 8 year-old Leiby Kletzky, whose dismembered body was found in Aron's freezer and a nearby dumpster.

On Halloween, local entrepreneur and coffee shop owner Josh Rubin went missing after leaving his Kensington apartment.  His charred and bullet riddled body was found the next day in rural Pennsylvania outside of Allentown.    He couldn't be identified for over a month.  Since then stories and rumors about $20,000 debt and bulk marijuana dealing have surfaced.  However, no serious news stories have come out this year about the murder.  Pennsylvania police are the primary investigators, but are convinced (reasonably so) that the kidnapping and murder happened in another state (NY). 

In the meantime, no one seems to know, 'who got Josh Rubin?' 
And what is going on in Kensington/Ditmas Park?

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