Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bloggistan for Haiti

Bloggistan for Haiti

While the UN attack and murders of July 6th were met by a deafening silence by mainstream media. It has really resonated in the activist community in a way that the Haiti issue hasn't previously. Indymedia has a front page article about it, andDemocracy Now! ran a story on it with interviews of human rights investigators. These two occurances are not out of the ordinary for such news, nor perhaps were the article in the Village Voice and Naomi Klein's piece in The Nation. The interesting thing about the indymedia story is the announcement of a campaign that has been organized by bloggers to respond to this silence with incessant reporting. Other groups and individuals organized media blitz's to call reporters and editors and try to make the invasion of Cite Soleil a story.

I have contributed my own 'granito de arena' to the movement at La Luchita blog, but it remains to be seen if this campaign manages to crack an official silence on Haiti's plight. However, it does show that time is right to massively organize on the issue of Haitian democracy, taking advantage of the new organization of bloggers last catalogued on monday july 18 by Charles Todd .

While Todd spends today's post lamenting what has been a painful month for Free Haiti Activists, his information from Fact-esque that "Luigi Einaudi, the (American) Assistant Secretary General of the Organisation of American States has said that the only thing wrong with Haiti is that it is run by Haitians." This type of hypocrisy and the continued violent repression in Haiti catalogued by the Haiti Information Project in places like Haiti Action show the vulnerability of the entire imperial enterprise in Haiti if a concerted effort is made to make the truth accessible to more people and to encourage individuals to work for a Free Haiti.

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