Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Masscre in Cite Soleil by UN forces?

The Haiti Information Project is reporting that "Haiti's UN forces Carry Out Massacre of Haiti's Poor in Port Au Prince." This is about an all out seige of the poor neighborhood of Cite Soleil that has been surrounded and under low level attack by Haitian police for at least a year. It seems that the UN forces stormed in and finished the job off claiming to be routing out "gang violence." However, it seems that any poor citizen living in the neighborhood was fair game as the troops attmepted to literally clear out the whole neighborhood.

HIP is reporting that fleeing citizens were shot in the back, and at least one resident seems to have been killed as they sat on the toilet.

The international media seems to have been silent about this, while the death toll sits at about 50.

How do we make this a story? It is already a week old and NO ONE knows that it happened

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