Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hace un chingo de años...

I have published discussion of zapatista healthcare infrastructure on the Left Turn blog. Check that out.

Also, I want to leave everyone with this pleasant image from the road in front of the caracol Oventik. Chingo, chingado , and chingon, for those that don´t know, are slight profanity that mean "a lot," "screwed over" and "someone who screws over" (roughly, i want to keep this post PG).

Unfortunately i cannot upload the photo because of technical limitations, me han chingado as it were. I'll put it up as soon as i can.


Ricardo Antonio Amador Torres said...

Mira, cuando regreses tenemos que juntarnos para hablar, o platicar...me intriga todo lo que tú has estado haciendo. No sabía que entrevistaste a Camilo, vi una entrevista que 60 minutes hizo con él. La tuya le hace más justicia. Envíame un mail cuando puedas.

Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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Anonymous said...

Greetings Simon,

I need to get some information about TSOTSIL language. I live in Northern Virgina. Please indicate what is the best form of contacting you.


Saimon Fitzyerald said...

hi sofey, you can email me, i bet you posted this question weeks ago, i can be reached by email, just contact Roig at democracyforcuba@hotmail.com and he will forward your email to me