Sunday, September 04, 2005

New Orleans and Haiti

I had more to post about Chiapas, but I am simply staggered by the events in New Orleans. From all popular reports, it looks like Haiti.

Bob Harris argues that New Orleans is a casualty of the Iraq War because no National Guard or military personel or resources were available because of the war effort. Juan Cole argues that the city is dying. Spenser Weart explains how this is an effect of global warning. A big shout out to Bush for killing to Kyoto accord.

See New Orleans Indymeda for more.

"It`s the poor people and the old people" that are dying. One hopes that Bush and the Lousiana government among others go down because of this. But the problem seems to be who is dying. Let`s see if anyone cares.

There is a bloggospere campaign to raise money. I throw my hat in.

Until tomorrow.

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