Wednesday, October 19, 2005

One more thing about Baltimoreans killed in Iraq

One point I want to add about the previous post. This hit me in a personal way because a friend of mine that was deployed in Iraq as a Marine reserve recounted a story where the Humvee he was riding in was damaged by a roadside bomb. It only managed to shatter the windows and blow out one passenger's eardrum, but the Humvee had been filled with C-4 explosives. The lucky coincidence that their explosives didn't ignite from the IED kept them alive, unlike the three unfortunate men I talked about below. My friend also cited the financial aid for college as a central reason for enlisting.

In short, this war must end. It may take a long time before that happens. If so, a lot of innocent civilians will be killed. More Iraqis will be tortured, and more Americans caught up in this madness will lose their lives or have them forever altered because of the trauma of war.

Pour a libation. May it quench the thirst for power that sends so many to their death at a young age.

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