Thursday, June 01, 2006

More on Duke rape case

The Washington Post has an article citing Justice Department figures that 13 out of 14 black female rape survivors do not report their crime. In comparison, %42 of the U.S. rape survivors report the crime.

This statistic is staggering, but it reflects the experience and work of others. Aishah Shahidah Simmons talks about the invisibility of rape in the black community in NO! The Rape Documentary.

An interview with her about the Duke rape case is available online. It should be required reading. (Watch out anonymous, it was written by a feminist).

I also found it interesting that the feministing site where that interview was published contained very strongly worded statements about how the "stripper" made the whole thing up, citing a very detailed history (likely fictional)of the accuser. The statement, in fact, suggested that the accuser was once arrested for attempting to kill a police officer.

I found this interesting, because these posts seem to be under every blog entry about the Duke case without any citations. In fact, these "facts" are not published anywhere by a reputable source. My own site received such posts by someone in Hawaii who blogsearches "duke rape" almost daily and cut-and-pastes these posts to my site.

It seems that there is an organized online campaign to discredit the survivor (organized campaigns by the rapists friends are typical in which the morals and the credibility of the survivor are attacked as a "lying slut"). I wonder, who these internet attack artists are? Are they college republicans? Are they friends of the accused? Are they connected to the law firm of the accused? Are they just sexually aggressive boys with too much internet time to waste?


Anonymous said...

no one wants to post on this blog. People know the owner of this blog lack integrity and professionalism

Saimon Fitzyerald said...

Its our friend from Hawaii, Mr. Anonymous, come to spread lies about the Duke rape case or just attack people who have a different analysis than yours.

Will we see you tomorrow when you google "duke rape case" and put dishonest comments on everybody's blog?

I hope so