Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Zapatista Music and the Cancionero Zapatista

Thanks to the hard work of, let's call him Compañero Rogelio, the music of the Zapatistas is now widely available for musicians young and old to learn, play and teach to others. While CDs of the songs featured in the songbook, prepared by Rogelio using the songs played and recorded by Zapatista music groups in the Mexican state of Chiapas like Nuevo Amanecer, these disks are not widely available in the United States.

With the permission of the Junta of Buen Gobierno, the songs themselves are now available north of the border in the "Canciones Zapatistas" inspired by the "Little Red Songbook" of the IWW.

Schools for Chiapas are rumored to be bringing down many copies to be distributed to Zapatista schools for the benefit of the students there.

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