Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Broken Arm, Death Squads and the Salvador Option

Though I would write more on this, perhaps, if I didn´t have a broken arm,

John Pilger is arguing that the increase in militia and death squad activity is the effect of the so-called "Salvador Option" in Iraq in a piece in the New Statesman.

BBC reported at the beginning of the year that "US officials [have been] talking about a "Salvador Option" in Iraq, not only for democracy-building, but also for a more aggressive campaign to eliminate Iraqi insurgents and their supporters."

With so many executed bodies appearing everymorning, the newspaper al-Hayat refers to "the war of corpses," (qtd. juancole.com) the recent arrest of Iraqi Interior Ministry officials for running a "death squad" makes one wonder what roll the Department of Defense, the CIA and (former ambassador of Iraq last year and Honduras during the Salvadoran war and now current head of US intelligence) John Negroponte had in creating these reincarnated death squads.

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