Thursday, September 14, 2006

Deslindar para Avanzar: Clarifying in Order to Move Forward

In our third translation since arriving in Mexico, I helped Kristin Bricker translate the philosophical polemic by noted professor Alberto Hijar,
"Deslindar para Avanzar."

The original does not seem to be on the internet anymore, but the translation is
"Clarifying in Order to Move Forward: Those that understimate the strength of the popular opposition don´t know what they are talking about."

an excerpt...
One hundred days into the Oaxaca Commune, a successful assault on power is possible. The Paris Commune lasted fifty days in 1871, the same number that the St. Petersburg Soviet lasted in 1905. Eurocentric revolutionaries offer these events as the example to follow. Today its time to reclaim the 100 days of resistance in Oaxaca as the exemplary point of departure for the constructive history and geography of the new richly complex and inclusive nation. The great historical obstacle of the nation-state, still maintaining the power of conviction, has begun its definitive collapse, though not without demonstrating the danger of its last recourse: military and police power along with disinformation broadcasted on the televisions, radios, and newspapers. It is necessary to act accordingly, opposing the sermon of the informe [the Mexican president’s state-of-the-union speech] with the information of a people in struggle.

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