Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lebanon, Mexico and the New Left Turn

According to Max from IdeasForAction
"The fall issue of Left Turn magazine (#22) will be getting shipped out on Tuesday and be available at your local bookstore by early next week. Please forward far & wide, and if you do not have a subscription please consider supporting the project and taking one out for you or a friend!"

The issue features an interview with one Lebanese-American founder of Left Turn, Bilal El-Amine who moved to Lebanon a year ago and served as a news correspondent throughout the recent bombardment, giving nightly interviews for a while to Flashpoints radio.
quoted here
Many people on the left in the US make the mistake that any time they see a movement that has Islam as part of the way it expresses its politics, they immediately put it into one category that some go as far as calling Islamic fascism and others call reactionary. There’s often very little distinction made between the various trends in Islamism that exist now. These trends are so varied at certain points that Islamism almost ceases to be a useful term. For example, if you look at secular groups, it is very hard to put all secular groups in one political category. The fascists were secular and the republicans are technically a secular group; and then there are Marxists and anarchists on the left. You have to look at Islamism in the same way. There are many different groups that exist under that umbrella and they’re quite varied and have different histories. This is particularly true with Hezbollah because there is such a profound difference between Hezbollah and some of the other Islamist groups that it is very difficult to even talk about them as being part of the same movement.

I´m in Mexico now. I have been out of service to complete errands that needed completing in the USA, but will soon be posting links to articles I am translating to English for NarcoNews among other organizations.

In other news, Mos Def was arrested for performing an unpermitted concert from a back of a flatbed truck in New York City outside of the MTV music awards. According to reports, the police finally moved in when he tried to perform "Katrina Clap."

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